Storage Director with IBM FlashSystem 840

Heart of a Business Savvy Solution

Because Tributary Systems had already begun working closely with IBM to certify compatibility with both frontend host systems, such as z/OS and i/OS, and backend tape and VTL product lines, it was natural for the two companies to explore the role that FlashSystem could play in accelerating the performance and capabilities of Storage Director. The results, is impressive with write speeds of 5.5GB/sec and 5X performance over disk systems. Working together, IBM FlashSystem and Tributary Storage Director make a powerful solution that improves enterprise data storage performance, increases data protection itself as well as the options available to accomplish this, facilitates and simplifies storage management, and does this while ultimately lowering IT costs, perhaps substantially.

Storage Director is essentially a virtualization layer, but optimized for tape. It also interfaces well with disk, and now flash, and can use both for caching and even as virtual tape devices. As illustrated in the figure below, Storage Director leverages the ultra-low latency and high throughput of FlashSystem to create a flash / tape solution architecture that we have begun calling "tape at the speed of flash."