Tributary IBM zOS

Tributary Systems, Inc. Enters the IBM zOS Mainframe Market
with its Storage Director/ViTAL Backup Virtualization Solution
Welcomes visitors to Booth 220 at Anaheim Hilton Expo
SHARE, Anaheim, February 27, 2011 - Tributary Systems, Inc., an IBM® Solution Reseller and a global leader in storage solutions, announced today at SHARE its entry into the IBM zOS mainframe market.
Tributary Systems is demonstrating its Storage Director™/ViTAL™ Backup Virtualization for zOS solution in Booth 220 at the SHARE mainframe user group's Technology Exchange Expo being held at the Anaheim Hilton through March 2nd.
Tributary Systems has been marketing Storage Director/ViTAL for the high-availability HP NonStop™ (Tandem) platform and for the enterprise computing platforms HP Open VMS, IBM iSeries™, Power Systems™, AIX, Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows®.
For the zOS mainframe, Tributary Systems developed a native interface for the ViTAL backup virtualization solution, by leveraging its 20 years of experience in creating, selling and supporting storage solutions on proprietary enterprise computing platforms.
"The ViTAL backup virtualization solution is already running in many of our Fortune 20 customers' data centers, and this native interface brings our solutions to the IBM mainframe platform as well," said Shawn Sabanayagam, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tributary Systems, Inc.
"Storage Director/ViTAL enables companies with heterogeneous data centers to implement a single solution with a single point of control. Storage Director/ViTAL helps them manage the unrelenting growth of data with ease; improve backup/restore performance, and scale their environments cost-effectively."
Storage Director/ViTAL is a high-availability, backup virtualization and consolidation solution for heterogeneous IT environments. It enables customers with disparate data center environments and with legacy storage hardware backing up environments running different operating systems, to consolidate and reduce both storage infrastructure and maintenance costs.
Policy-based, Storage Director/ViTAL has an advanced architecture that enables fully automated data backup to disk, data deduplication technology, and tape resources. It also supports advanced replication capabilities for off-site data protection, and restore operations from remote, unmanned, lights-out data centers. By separating the backup infrastructure from the backup host, Storage Director/ViTAL allows customers to migrate their legacy environments to state-of-the-art technologies.
About Tributary Systems, Inc.
Tributary Systems, Inc., based in Texas, delivers data protection with vision. Its solutions allow companies to optimize operating costs and performance by combining the visibility of comprehensive storage analytics with highly scalable and easily manageable backup and restore functions. Many of the world's most successful enterprises use Tributary System's Storage Director/ViTAL for local and remote site data backup; backup window reduction; total cost of ownership reduction; ease of operation, and disaster recovery. Founded in 1990, Tributary Systems has served over 3,000 customers worldwide, directly, through an OEM supply relationship with HP®, and through business partnerships with Quantum® and IBM®. Customers include Fortune 20, Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 1000 companies as well as small and middle market companies in banking, financial services, retail, telecommunications and healthcare. Tributary Systems also provides a wide range of professional services, from needs assessment to custom solution development, implementation, installation, performance optimization and technical support. Visit for more information.
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