Tributary SL8500 Tape Library

The Tributary SL8500 modular library system is manufactured by StorageTek™/Oracle and integrated for the HP NonStop platform by Tributary Systems, Inc.

The SL8500 supports enterprise T9840D tape drives along with LTO 5 FC drives. With its support for mixed media, the SL8500 can be upgraded seamlessly with future drive types and more cartridge slots to increase capacity during operation, with no system downtime. High-performance robotics enable the SL8500 to keep pace with the peak workloads and future demands for higher throughput experienced when sharing or adding more servers to the library system. With extremely high slot density, the SL8500 makes maximum use of the floor space in your data center. The SL8500 modular library system supports up to 640 tape drives and scales from 1,000 to eventually more than 100,000 slots to accommodate years of growth in your storage environment.

With the integration of the SL8500 into the NonStop environment, Tributary has provided an ideal solution for consolidating enterprise and mid-range computing infrastructures.

  • Provides capacity from 7.2 PB native (9840D) to 148 PB native (LTO 5), maximum configuration
  • From 65.9 TB/hour (9840D) to 307.6 TB/hour native transfer rate (LTO 5), maximum configuration
  • Supports from 64 to 640 LTO Gen 5 or 9840D tape drives, any combination
  • From 1,000 to 100,000 customer usable cartridge slots
  • ESCON, Fiber Channel and FICON connectivity
  • NonStop system level interface
  • Supports all major operating systems including heterogeneous environments

Number of Cartridges:

1,000 - 100,000

Number of Drives: T9840D, and LTO 5, any combination

64 - 640


7.2 PB (T9840D) native (maximum configuration)
148 PB (LTO 5) native (maximum configuration)

Transfer Rate:

65.9 TB/hr (T9840D) native (maximum configuration)
307.6 TB/hr (LTO 5) native (maximum configuration)


T9840D ESCON, Fibre Channel and FICON, LTO 5 Fibre Channel

Dimensions (H x W x D):

93.15 x 67.25 x 108.75 in. - 236.6 x 170.81 x 276.23 cm.

Weight (Library Only):

4,309 lbs./ 1,954 kg