Tributary XLS Tape Library

The Tributary XLS Enterprise Library System’s modular design delivers high levels of storage density and efficiency.

The XLS combines two distinct modules to deliver high-density, cost-effective and flexible systems. The basic configuration modular design allows you to start with 355 tapes and grow in easy increments to over 2585 tapes as your storage requirements grow. The Library Resource Module (LRM) is a complete self-contained library and forms the base unit for larger systems. The Memory Expansion Modules, MEMs, contain 535 or 1,075 tape storage slots in economical and very compact footprints. When additional storage is required, one or two MEMs can be easily added to each LRM.

The Tributary XLS supports industry-leading LTO 3 and LTO 4, FC and SCSI tape drives. A native data transfer rate up to 1.7 TB/hr is achieved with LTO 4 drives.

The Tributary XLS Enterprise System delivers new levels of intelligence, density, flexibility, scalability and ease of use, coupled with a record of reliability and value.

  • 355 to 465 cartridge slot capacity
  • Supports up to 20 LTO 4 and LTO 3, FC and SCSI drives
  • Provides capacity up to 372 TB, uncompressed (LTO 4)
  • Up to 1.7 TB/hr native transfer rate, uncompressed (LTO 4)
  • Native Fibre Channel or SCSI interface
  • 15” color touch screen for local control
  • Scalable, modular architecture
  • Available for HP NonStop™ and Open Systems

Capacity, native (uncompressed)

LTO 4 – 372 TB

Number of cartridge slots


Number of tape drives/types

1 to 20


77.5 inches / 1.97 meters


35 inches / 88 centimeters


35 inches / 88 centimeters


1202 lbs / 545 kilograms fully populated