HP M860xA LTO 4 Tape Drives

The M8607A/M8608A/M8609A/M8610A LTO Gen 4 FC based tape drives are small, reliable, high-performance tape drives for use in the MRL50 (M8607A), CTL700/CTL700M (M8608A), SL8500 (M8610A), and as a manual tabletop (M8609A) on HP Integrity NonStop™ servers. These drives have a native capacity of 800 GB per cartridge as well as a sustained native transfer rate of 120 MB/second.

  • Supports LTO Ultrium Gen 4 media
  • 800 GB native storage capacity, up to 1.6 TB compressed
  • 120 MB/second native transfer rate
  • Backward read/write compatibility with LTO Gen 3 tapes; read compatibility with LTO Gen 2 tapes
  • Available on HP NonStop™ Integrity servers

HP Model Number:

M8607A (MRL50 attach)


M8608A (CTL700 /CTL700M attach)


M8609A (manual tabletop)


M8610A (SL8500 attach)

System Configuration:


Hardware Interface

H-series – FCSA


H-series – starting with H06.14


J-series – starting with J06.03

Performance Data:





800 GB native, up to 1.6 TB compressed

Data Transfer Rates

Up to 120 MB/second native
Up to 240 MB/second compressed



Input Voltage

AC220 to 240V

Input Frequencies

50/60 Hz

Physical Data:

20 drives (CTL700/CTL700M)


18 drives (MRL50: M8521A)


64 drives (SL8500)