HP M870xA LTO 5 Tape Drives

The HP M870xA LTO-5 FC tape drives provide direct connectivity to HP NonStop Integrity NS-Series and Blade System servers for use in a tape library configuration. They are the fifth generation of the Ultrium tape drive family, and deliver a capacity of up to 3 Terabytes (assuming two-to-one data compression) on a single cartridge.

These tape drives are fully read and write compatible with fourth-generation (LTO-4) Ultrium data cartridges, and offer a further degree of investment protection through its backward-read compatibility with third-generation (LTO-3) Ultrium media. 

  • Dependable: Sets new standards for data integrity and reliability with a simple and robust design based on inherently reliable Linear Tape Open (LTO) technology
  • High-capacity: Stores up to 3.0 TB per data cartridge assuming 2:1 compression
  • Oracle support for the SL500 (MRL50), SL3000, and SL8500 tape libraries
  • Fast: Minimizes interruptions with high speed and dynamic data rate matching that squeezes optimal performance from your HP NonStop server
  • Affordable: Combines high capacity with low media cost to deliver an exceptionally low total cost of ownership
  • Reliable: Protects your data with a simple, high-integrity data path, including read and write dynamic random access memory

Minimum System OS Requirements:

  • HP NonStop Integrity NS-Series servers: RVU H06.25 or later
  • HP NonStop Blade Systems: RVU J06.14 or later

Technical Specifications:

M8706A, M8707A, M8708A Tape Drive

Tape Format         

Ultrium generation 5

Tape Media Compatibility

Read/Write Ultrium 4, read only Ultrium 3

Cartridge Capacity

1.5 TB native; Up to 3.0 TB compressed (assuming 2:1)

Data Transfer Rate

Up to 140 MB/s native; 280 MB/s compressed (LTO 5)

Buffer size

256 MB

Data access time

52 seconds from beginning of LTO-5 media (average)

Rewind tape speed

9 m/s for (LTO-5 and LTO-4 media)


Fibre Channel

Connector type

Fiber Channel LC 

Hardware Configurations

HP Part

Product ID




LTO 5 FC Tape Drive MRL50 (SL500) Tape Library



LTO 5 FC Tape Drive SL3000 Tape Library



LTO 5 FC Tape Drive SL8500 Tape Library