Tributary 9840 FC Tape Drive

The crypto-ready 9840D FC tape drive is the newest member of the 9840 tape drive family, and provides fast data access, fast recall, and high throughput. It has a native capacity of 75 GB on a single cartridge, nearly two times more than the 9840C tape drive.

The 9840D FC tape drive with encryption provides device-level security and works in conjunction with the Sun Crypto Key Management System, an appliance that provides a simple, centralized, scalable solution for managing the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data written by the 9840D FC tape drive.

The high-speed, high-capacity Tributary 9840D FC tape drive delivers the industry’s fastest data access, protects your investment, and provides device-level data security for your mainframe environment.

  • Robust automation
  • Up to 30 MB/second native data transfer rate, 70 MB/second compressed
  • Up to 75 GB native capacity
  • Supported on HP NonStop™ Integrity NS-series servers and Blade systems
  • Supports existing 9840 media
  • Encryption with Sun™ Crypto Key Management System

Tape Format

9840 tape cartridge

Tape Media Compatibility

Backward compatible with 9840A, 9840B, and 9840C

Cartridge Capacity

Up to 75 GB native; up to 150 GB compressed

Data Transfer Rate

Up to 30 MB/s native; up to 70 MB/s compressed

Head Life

8.5 yr @ 70 percent TPM duty cycle

Data Access Time

16.5 seconds (average)

OS Requirements

NS-series - H06.18 or later; Blade systems - J06.07 or later

Average Rewind Time

8 seconds


Fibre Channel

Connector Type