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Discover a cost-effective alternative to traditional storage

IBM’s Cloud Object Storage (COS), formerly known as Cleversafe, is a software-defined object storage platform with industry-leading security that can scale to multi PB capacity and beyond. Object storage is the primary data resource used in the cloud today. But IBM Cloud Object Storage can also be used on premise as a true private or hybrid cloud storage solution. The primary strengths of object storage are that it is designed for high scalability, low cost and ease of use. Due to its characteristics, object storage has become the future backup/archive medium of choice.

IBM’s Cloud Object Storage has advanced enterprise security and archiving features.  Cloud Object Storage uses a dispersed storage mechanism that employs a cluster of storage nodes to store pieces of data across the available nodes.  No single node has all the data which makes Cloud Object Storage safe and far less susceptible to data breaches than conventional block storage on dedup disk or public clouds.

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