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Tributary Systems Solutions by Industry

Tributary’s  product portfolio includes patented, disk based backup virtualization and VTL solutions, Storage Director and ViTAL, Library Media Manager (LMM) tape library management software, as well as tape library and drive solutions from OEM partners such as Quantum, Oracle®/StorageTek and Overland®, integrated with Tributary’s proprietary platform/OS specific firmware.

Through its channels and direct sales organization, TSI has served over 3000 customers worldwide, predominantly in healthcare, telecom, banking, financial services, retail, and small business.


Tributary Solutions

The need for storage in the healthcare industry seems to double every couple of years.  Due to HIPAA and other regulatory and compliance pressures, vast amounts of data need to be stored securely. Infrastructure security and data storage compliance are major challenges in healthcare today.  Tributary’s backup storage/data protection solutions, will improve backup and recovery and maximize the utilization of existing storage. Storage environments are enhanced with ViTAL and Storage Director, which are integrated backup, data protection and disaster recovery solutions

Tributary Systems’ expertise in data storage allows business owners to focus more on customers and less on operations. The protection of sensitive information such as customer credit cards, inventory, and employee records is critical.

Tributary is a trusted partner in managing critically important and highly confidential retail data storage environments. When retail businesses need a reliable data storage solution, they choose ViTAL for the Tandem/HP NonStop environment or Storage Director for open heterogeneous environments.

In telecommunications, secure data storage of call detail records (CDRs), transaction data, and billing are critical to the operational and legal responsibility of the service providers.  Telecom providers face the challenge of storing millions of call data records for their customer billing and call detail records every day. Tributary Systems is the trusted provider of secure, cost efficient, backup storage/data protection solutions to the telecom industry with ViTAL and Storage Director.

The financial IT manager has continuouslygrowing data storage demands. Protecting data, a company’s most valuable asset, is what Tributary Systems has been doing for many years. The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) record retention requirements aren’t going to ease up any time soon, making demands on long term data storage space.

Security is critical to the banking/finance industry.  Data encryption and compression are built into the lowest levels of Tributary’s virtual tape solutions. Native AES data encryption is supported by Storage Director, without a separate FIPS encryption add-on. The system can compress and encrypt data at ingestion and store it on the disk cache and write it off to tape, encrypted; or it can decrypt and decompress data and write it to tape in the native backup application’s format.  Storage Director and ViTAL backup storage solutions are presently running in multiple production data centers at Fortune 20 customers in the banking and finance industries.

Having a small business has its challenges, especially in today’s environment. Businesses, large to small, require solutions that are cost effective and perform optimally to ensure maximum productivity. Small businesses can stay ahead of the competition by developing effective strategies and building brand loyalty with outstanding customer service. However, if there is no recovery management process in place to compensate for all-to-common data loss, the effects can be devastating.

The all-in-one 3U ANDROMEDA and ANTARES backup storage appliances with remote backup and disaster recovery capability, will address these needs cost effectively. With built-in AES encryption, compression and unlimited virtual drive licenses, ANDROMEDA and ANTARES are the lowest cost backup storage solutions on the market today.