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Tape Autoloaders from Tributary Systems

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Tributary’s tape autoloaders provide cost-effective, easy-to-install, unattended backups that are ideal for an entry-level or a remote automated backup solution. They provide reliability, simplicity, and value of high-capacity automated backup and recovery in an easy-to-use space-efficient form factor.

Tributary Systems

Tape Drives



Tributary Systems has a wide selection of Tape Drives. From manual load tabletop devices to Integrity and Blade Systems, Tributary has a Tape Drive to fit your needs.


Tape Automation

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Advanced management, and high availability features, so you can consolidate mainframe and open systems environments while minimizing power, space, and operating costs.

Tributary Systems

Backup Applications

Media Management


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Tributary Systems, Inc. has developed several options for Library Management Software.

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M8607A/M8608A/M8609A/M8610A LTO Gen 4 FC

The M8607A/M8608A/M8609A/M8610A LTO Gen 4 FC based tape drives are small, reliable, high-performance tape drives for use in the MRL50 (M8607A), CTL700/CTL700M (M8608A), SL8500 (M8610A), and as a manual tabletop (M8609A) on HP Integrity NonStop™ servers. These drives have a native capacity of 800 GB per cartridge as well as a sustained native transfer rate of 120 MB/second.

Storage Director

Storage Director is a software defined, policy-based and tiered enterprise backup virtualization solution that enables data from any host, OS or backup application, to be backed up to any storage device, medium or technology, including IBM’s Cloud Object Storage (Cleversafe) platform, or any S3 compatible cloud.

Tape Automation

The Tributary Tape Library features an open design, which offers true mixed media, logical and physical partitioning capabilities, advanced management, so you can consolidate mainframe and open systems environments while minimizing power, space, and operating costs.

Tape Drive

Tributary provides custom hardware and software tape solutions to address even the most complex user requirements. Our expertise in the Tape environment allows us to offer our customer’s state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions and unsurpassed technical support.


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